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Theatre 2

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Dedicated Foley/ADR Theatre

A large dedicated Foley/ADR theatre with probably the largest collection of surfaces and props anywhere in Europe, offering the flexibility for recording any type of film genre, TV show or Video Game.

Theatre 2 Specifications

Screen Size: 12ft x 9ft
Seats: 6
Producers Room: No

Mixing Console: Trident Series 80B (32 channel), Focus rite Red1 (4 channel), Grace Design M201, Empirical Labs Mike-E, API: 3124V, ProTools 12HD on HDX2 cards
Monitoring: Dolby Surround 5.1

Projection: Christie HD Digital Projection, 35mm
Playback / Record: Pro Tools HD2 System version 7
Plugins: Audio Ease, Izotope, Krotos, Soundtoys, Sonnox

Props: Largest collection of props and surfaces with adjustable freestanding acoustic baffling.