Pinewood Studios


Investing in a green future

Dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for the screen-based industries, the Pinewood Group now leads the way in sustainable film and TV studios.

Continually striving to improve its overall environmental performance, Pinewood complies with regulatory requirements to reduce CO2 emissions and employs a range of pioneering methods to make the filmmaking process greener.

Preserving our environment for future generations

Preserving our local environment and our planet is very important to us, so we take many steps across our sites to protect, preserve, sustain and conserve for future generations.

Our UK studios border “Sites of Special Scientific Interest”, and as our studios have expanded, being sympathetic to our environment has been a key priority.

Did you know? Pinewood Studios has a hidden haven of wildlife and fauna on top of its 5 latest stages.

Investing in renewable energy and technology

Energy is important to everyone at the studio, from lighting sets to heating offices, everyone uses energy each day. As a studio, we try to use energy as sustainably as possible and we’ve invested in renewable energies and energy efficient technologies.

  • Energy / CO2 saving methods
  • Energy metering
  • LED lighting
  • Solar panels

We encourage everyone working on our sites to conserve energy wherever possible by:

  • turning off lights when you leave;
  • powering down electrical equipment that doesn’t need to be on;
  • shutting windows whilst air conditioning is in operation.


Solar Panels

K Block and Q Block at Pinewood Studios feature solar panels on the roofs. These can generate up to 32kW per hour when working at full capacity in the summer sunshine. Even in cloudy wet weather, they are still able to generate electricity using the sun’s rays.

The solar panels have so far generated enough electricity to boil a kettle 2.5 million times, or for over 5 million Google searches!

Promoting sustainable methods of transport

Sustainable travel is better for the environment and for our roads and Pinewood promotes the use of sustainable modes of transport to and from the studios for visitors, staff and clients.

Shuttle Buses

We encourage staff, visitors or production employees to make use of the shuttle bus service to and from local train and underground stations. The service is completely free to use and at peak times, provides a service up to every 10 minutes.

This not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions, it also helps to ease congestion in the local area and to improve the local air quality by replacing cars.

Other initiatives:
  • Electric vehicle charging points at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios
  • Purpose built, free to use, rapid charging facilities compatible with all EVs (Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles)
  • Showers and bike shelters for cyclists
  • Monthly biker’s breakfast (if you arrive on two wheels you get a free breakfast)
  • Bi-annual Dr Bike session - free bike maintenance session while you work

Reducing waste

We aim to reduce the amount of waste we create and to increase the amount that is recycled.

Purpose-built recycling centres at both Pinewood and Shepperton ensure the maximum amount of material is sent for recycling, the number of lorry movements are reduced and that no waste is sent to landfill.  

Materials currently being recycled at the studios include:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Textiles
  • Batteries/mobile phones
  • Metal
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Printer cartridges
  • Electronic waste

Future initiatives will focus on the additional segregation of materials and encouraging all those working at the studio to participate in the recycling scheme.