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Sound creates mood, pace and emotion for an audience whether the medium is film, TV, games or audiobooks. Pinewood’s award-winning team combines creativity with technology, to deliver all of your audio post production needs.

Services include, original sound mixing, re-recording and editing, creative audio and sound design, to Foley, ADR, voice casting and field recording. Scroll for more.

Dialogue is king

Our expertise is in recording and re-voicing your talent in a spacious, professional and comfortable environment. We offer remote collaboration tools allowing the director, talent and ADR supervisor to be in separate locations across the world while working together seamlessly.

Our services and facilities include:

  • Theatre 1 (Shepperton) - Foley and ADR for film, television, video games and audio books.
  • Euphonix System 5
  • Protools 12HD on an HDX1 card
  • Focusrite Red1 500 x4
  • Grace Design m501 x2
  • Neve 33609N x2
  • A vast range of mics
  • Theatre 6 (Pinewood) - ADR for film, television, video games and audio books
  • Source Connect Ready facilities
  • Secure LAN connectivity
  • Support for any file format, sample rate and bit depth

Bringing your sound to life

Foley is performance focused sound recordings created and recorded on site by a team of dedicated, talented, award-winning foley artists, engineers and editors.

We deliver bespoke sound solutions from the subtlest of details like footsteps,  to ground breaking explosions, cars crashing and weapons being fired on a diverse range of film, TV and games projects.

Storytelling through Sound

Sound design and editorial requires a keen ear to create the world that the audience will become immersed in. Combining a love of storytelling with technical ability, the award-winning team at Pinewood can bring your film, TV or games project to life through sound.

Whether you need bespoke sound elements that synchronise with on-screen action or want to provide overall atmosphere to a scene, we can work with you to create mood, pace and feeling.

Award-winning Talent and World Class Facilities

Pinewood offers Academy Award and BAFTA-winning talent, together with state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of mixing theatres. This is a winning combination for your project, whether a feature film, high-end TV drama, independent film, documentary or game.

The Powell Theatre is the largest mix theatre in the UK and was the first to install and mix in Dolby® AtmosTM.

Bespoke Sound for Original Productions

Field recording captures new, precise, unusual, sounds to bring another level of detail to your film, TV or games production.

When you take time and passion to create a world from scratch, field recording creates an authentic mood for your audience.

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The localisation team at Pinewood undertake audio mixing for a host of major studio clients, contributing to some of the biggest grossing movies in recent years, in more than 40 languages.

Voice Casting

Pinewood is dedicated to finding and developing the best voice acting talent across film, television and video games. Our casting and dialogue services include a 6000+ database for multiple languages and dialects.