Pinewood Studios


International 3D Scanning Services

Mobile 160 camera Body and Head photogrammetry rig, Laser, Lidar and Drone scanning.

Our technical teams are available to scan anything, anywhere and turn the data into gaming, vfx or VR assets or even 3D prints.

At Pinewood 3D we capture and process high resolution image sets, both polarised and non-polarised, to produce extremely high definition 3D models. Using a well refined workflow we convert these image sets into scanned data containing millions of polygons that make up high frequency details across the entire subject.

This raw scan data is then wrapped and projected onto an optimised mesh with custom topology to maximise detail and fit seamlessly within any chosen production pipeline.

For texture generation we use polarised photography, that when projected onto the 3D model will allow for a physically based workflow; perfect for photo-realistic results in any render engine.

Head & Body, Laser, Lidar and Drone

  • Mobile 160 camera, hybrid head and body photogrammetry rig for scanning actors, stunt team and creatures
  • Lidar scanning systems for locations, sets and vehicles
  • Laser scanner for props, sculpts, jewellery, weapons or armour
  • Drone aerial system for reference footage
  • Photogrammetry scanning of large locations and buildings
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3D print advisors

  • ABS, plastic, nylon, PLA, full colour, CMY Visijet PXL and UV-Plastic
  • Ideal for prop/model making or concept design and development
  • Consultation service for all 3D printing requirements


The experienced design team work with producers in 2D or 3D form.  Services include:

  • Advice on digital design and fabrication processes
  • Physical and digital production
  • Steelwork
  • Product and mechanical design services
  • Production quality drawings ready for full fabrication.
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Working from scan data or concept designs the team can build digital assets ready for any digital platform, focusing on keeping high levels of texture, geometry and detail.

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Other services


Audio Post

Pinewood can provide solutions for all of your audio post production needs, from field recording to sounding editing and design, to mixing and localisation.

Voice Casting

Pinewood is dedicated to finding and developing the best voice acting talent across film, television and video games. Our casting and dialogue services include a 6000+ database for multiple languages and dialects.
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Archive & Restoration

Our award-winning restoration and archive team utilises the latest digital capture and media transfer technology to refresh projects to 21st century standards for both picture and sound into digital files up to 8K resolution.