Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios

Filming in Malaysia

30% Film in Malaysia Incentive

Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios is a fully integrated production facility offering 100,000 sq. ft. of film stages, 24,000 sq. ft. of high definition TV Studios, water filming facilities, workshops and offices.

With the country’s established economy, a competitive exchange rate and the 30% Film In Malaysia Incentive, Malaysia provides a cost effective location for filming.

30% Film in Malaysia Incentive

The Malaysian government offers a 30% Film In Malaysia Incentive for qualifying Malaysian production expenditure. This incentive is offered for domestic and foreign production, for production and post production approved activities.

To see current incentive application status visit FILM IN MALAYSIA - INCENTIVES.

Cash Rebate:

A 30% cash rebate on Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure (QMPE).

Eligible Formats:

Qualifying formats include feature films, television show (including Reality TV), theatrical documentary features, animated features and IMAX.

Minimum Malaysian Spend Requirement:

Foreign companies using Malaysia for filming and/or post‐production with a minimum in country spend of MYR 5 million (approx. US$ 1.2 million) for production regardless of nationality (inclusive of post‐production); or MYR 1.5 million (approx. US$ 350,000) for post‐production activity solely.

Television series must spend a minimum of MYR 385,000 (approx. US$90,000) per broadcast hour.

Salary Cap:

The rebate is subject to a salary cap of MYR 7.5 million (approx. US$1.7 million) per person.

Malaysian Crew and Intern Requirement:

At least 30% of the production crew must be Malaysian and a minimum number of 5 interns required.

Provisional Certificate:

An applicant producer must apply to the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) for a provisional certificate 3 months before production commences.

Final Certification:

Following the completion of the production and after QMPE receipts have been audited, the applicant producer applies to FINAS for final certification. FINAS will then assess the amount of QMPE incurred by the company.


The region around Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios offers a variety of locations from historically and culturally rich heritage site to forest reserves, highlands and breath-taking islands.

The Studios are in close proximity to a mix of modern and iconic buildings, ports, fishing villages, tropical beaches, mangrove swamps, cascading waterfall and lush lowland forests.