The Apprentices of Pinewood

National Apprenticeship Week

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, Pinewood would like to celebrate and thank our wonderful team of apprentices. Find out more about their experiences and how their apprenticeships have worked for them below.

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“Working at Pinewood has been a great learning curve and has helped me progress in my career. Apprenticeships are a good idea because it helps young people get into a career that they might have not thought of. It is also a good alternative to going to university and gives a good indication of what it will be like working in the field.”

Caroline Reynolds - Apprentice Plumber

“Working at Pinewood is a magical place to work. Apprenticeships are a great idea for the future of our generation, they offer many opportunities.”

Harry Baker - Electrician Apprentice

“Apprenticeships are a good idea because you are learning and at the same time getting paid.”

Brodie Gladwin - Apprentice Carpenter

 “Working at Pinewood allows you to have a great insight into the television and film industry. I think apprenticeships are a great idea. A fantastic opportunity to learn a trade whilst earning money.”

Jack Harvey - Apprentice Decorator

“Doing an apprenticeship here at Pinewood has really helped me gain industry experience, which has allowed me to learn from experienced professionals on the job. I feel extremely lucky to have an apprenticeship in the Film & TV industry.

Working at Pinewood is exciting, you never know what a day will bring, it’s always different. Interacting with industry professionals and gaining as much experience as possible is a real pleasure as it has opened so many doors for me.”

Pippa King - Media Apprentice