You and Whose Army?

You And Whose Army? is a unique and ultra competitive new challenge show that’s all about celebrities and their mates. Recorded at Pinewood Studios with a live studio audience, It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Two celebrities lead their teams – hand-picked recruits consisting of friends, family, fellow celebs and unlikely experts – as they compete against each other in a series of nail-biting head to head battles set in a combat arena.

Some of the battles will be mental challenges (quizzes or bizarre memory feats), some will be physical (heavyweight boxing, target parachuting or completing an obstacle course set in a wind tunnel) and some will be neither (a nationwide hunt for the best celebrity lookalike). All will be tense, all will be head-to-head, and all will be in a giant arena setting. But the real key to You And Whose Army? is – who’s in your team?