The Whole 19 Yards

Thrilling game show with a hilarious twist recorded on R Stage at Pinewood Studios.

Players compete to win a big cash prize by answering general knowledge questions on the buzzer. But knowing the answer and getting to the buzzer are two different issues, because player and buzzer are separated by 19 yards of uniquely entertaining physical obstacles!

Tom Blakeson, Exec Producer, Endemol - The Whole 19 Yards said of working at Pinewood:

"We needed workshops where we could build all our games and test them. We needed local and on site contractors like FX and wind machines, you know if you need a wind machine at a drop of a hat there’s no better place to be than Pinewood Studios. It was invaluable to have all those resources on site just there for the taking if you needed them. 

Pinewood knows how to host TV shows. They just know how to help you out and it’s so much easier than setting up shop from scratch out in the middle of nowhere"