Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

This fantasy action adventure took a vast majority of the stages at Pinewood to build some amazing sets 

The Captains Cabin on B Stage, the Captains Daughters pub on E Stage, exterior of the longboat at Whitecap Bay on H Stage, the interior of St James' Palace on R Stage, and the cave for the Fountain of Youth on 007 Stage.

Production Notes:

Just behind the 007 Stage on the Pinewood backlot was a remarkably atmospheric recreation of a mid-18th century London dockyard street. The street’s architecture reflects several eras, from Tudor and Elizabethan half-timber to stone and wooden structures, all meticulously detailed right down to period graffiti. “There are really amazing crafts people here in England, and this is their heritage,” remarks John Myhre (Production Designer). “This is a world that they’ve lived in, so everyone in the art department was very excited about the details and ideas that they had. The street is built out of wood and plaster, but they found a few beautiful old beams from the period, cast and modeled them, and used those as the basis for the set.”

Although the exterior entrance to the Captain’s Daughter pub could be found on the backlot set, as soon as Johnny Depp and Keith Richards walk through the door they’re actually on Pinewood’s E Stage.

There are really amazing crafts people here in England, and this is their heritage.
John Myhre, Production Designer