Moon and Me (Series 1)

Moon and Me (50 x 22’) was developed by Andrew Davenport, the creator of award-winning global preschool franchises Teletubbies and In the Night Garden. Inspired by well-loved tales of toys that come to life when nobody is looking, Moon and Me breaks new ground in its technical, visual and conceptual ambition, and will create an exceptional new benchmark of quality and integrity for its young, global audience. 

The series combines the latest production methods with traditional storytelling, comedy and music to create a beautifully constructed picture-book world especially for today’s preschoolers. It will premiere later this year on BBC’s CBeebies in the UK and on Universal Kids in the U.S. It is being produced by Sutikki and Davenport’s Foundling Bird, with Sutikki overseeing global distribution and merchandise licensing.