Marco Polo (Season 1)

Marco Polo, a 10-episode Netflix Original Series, was recorded at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios on all five stages.

The sets, including 51 in Malaysia, required 130 tons of plaster and 1.6 tons of silicone, a construction crew of 400 and an art department of 160.

Executive Producer, John Fusco, was quoted by The Star as saying that there were several reasons why the producers decided to film the 10-episode series in Malaysia:

"One is this wonderful facility. The opportunity to be the very first production to come into the new Pinewood and have all the access to this incredible space and amazing stages.

The other thing is that Malaysia is weather friendly and we don't have to fight elements other than heat, said show creator and executive producer John Fusco during an exclusive interview with Star2 at the Pinewood Studios last week.

We scouted the areas here and really loved the people and community. And because the story of Marco Polo is multi-cultural, we feel that shooting in a country that has a multi-cultural background is the right thing and the spirit lends itself to the story that we're telling."

The show is set in a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, and based on the renowned 13th century Italian explorer, Marco Polo, who travelled from Venice to Central Asia. His travels, documented in The Travels Of Marco Polo which includes his experience in the court of the great Mongol leader Kublai Khan, inspired the likes of Christopher Columbus and many other worldly travellers.

Starring Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo, and Chin Han and Rick Yune, Marco Polo premiered on Netflix on December 12th 2014.