Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway was based at Pinewood Studios using C Stage and TV One as well as our Post Production and Digital Production services. The project shot on location in London, France and the Isle of Man.

BBC Films and Isle of Man Film present in association with HanWay Films, Pinewood Pictures and Pinewood Productions. A Recorded Picture Company production.

Dom Hemingway had Foley recording completed at Shepperton Studios in Theatre 2 by Glen Gathard.

It is directed by Richard Shepard and stars Jude Law as Dom Hemingway and Richard E. Grant.

Dom Hemingway is a larger-than-life safecracker with a loose fuse - funny, profane, and dangerous. Back on the streets of London after twelve years in prison, it’s time to collect what he’s owed for keeping his mouth shut.

Travelling with his devoted best friend (Grant), Dom visits his crime boss (Bichir) in the south of France to claim his reward. But Dom’s drink and drug-fuelled ego decides that what he’s lost can’t be replaced.

One car accident and a femme fatale later (Ghenea), Dom realizes that his priority must be to reconnect with his long-lost daughter (Clarke). 

But Dom does what Dom does best. He screws things up for everyone…

Executive Produced by Ivan Dunleavy, Steve Norris and Steve Christian along with Zygi Kamasa, Christine Langan and Peter Watson.

Release date: 15th November 2013