Antiques House (Series 1)

A new competition series from ITN Productions, Antiques House recorded at Pinewood Studios. It aims to test contestants’ knowledge of antiques and collectibles to find the best amateur antiques experts in Britain.

Hosted by Josie Lawrence, the series follows two teams of enthusiastic amateurs take on the grandeur of the Sky Arts Antiques House. They are challenged to find selected genuine antiques in three different beautifully recreated period rooms in order to win points. As the teams race against the clock to complete their tasks, their progress will be keenly observed by Josie and antiques expert Lennox Cato.

The rooms in the Antiques House, build on TV One and TV Two, included a living room, a dining room and an attic. In each episode the room are expertly converted and decorated in a variety of styles including Georgian, Victorian, 20th Century Pre-War and Post-War.

The rooms feature artefacts, furniture and collectables true to the period. From toys or vintage clothes to snuff boxes or delicate crockery, the rooms brim with varying collectibles from all different eras and pose different challenges and tasks for the teams.

The competition is designed to test to the limit the skills of the competitors. Each team is set three challenges which range from identifying genuine antiques, identifying the most expensive antique, and finding antiques related by designer, manufacturer or place of origin. The team with the most points progress to the next round of the competition.

Sky commissioned the series from ITN Productions. The series broadcasts on Sky Arts 2, 14th January 2013.