388 Arletta Avenue

Filmed on location in Toronto as well as at Pinewood Toronto Studios utilising the Exterior gravel lot and one of the production offices on site, the film screened at 2011's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

This production is an unsettling Hitchcockian thriller written and directed by Randall Cole. The story focuses on James Deakins (Nick Stahl) and his wife Amy (Mia Kirshner) who lead a very comfortable life in an upscale Toronto neighbourhood. What neither James nor Amy knows is that they’re being watched 24 hours a day. Whoever is watching them knows just how to manipulate them. Odd things start happening: A radio alarm goes off too early, a mixed CD appears in their locked car with music neither one likes. Individually, each mishap is manageable, but together, they create mistrust that turns to tension, then tension turns to anger and then, Amy disappears.