Pinewood Atlanta Business Hub

A thriving creative environment for your business

Alongside world class filming facilities, Pinewood Atlanta Studios offers a unique and thriving center of excellence for the media and entertainment industry. Set over 700 acres, fully serviced office and workshop space from 5,000 square feet upwards is available. More than 40 current vendors offer the expertise and infrastructure a production needs on the lot, from travel and logistics to lighting and construction supplies. This secure, accessible and inspiring creative business environment is only 20 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport and provides:

•    Secure patrolled site and passholder entry
•    24-hour access 365 days a year
•    Visitor reception
•    Fast broadband and data centre
•    Commissary and coffee shop
•    Screening room
•    Conference, video conferencing and meeting spaces

2017 - 07 Media Park Entrance Sign 1Q6A0330.jpg