On The Lot Meet-Ups

On the Lot Meet-Up Session Review

Thank you to all those who attended the tenant meet-up session on 5th July at Shepperton. 

We have listened to your feedback and will be adapting as we go to figure out what works best for everyone. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to contact us. 

Your feedback so far has been encouraging so we will continue these quarterly sessions at Shepperton, with the next to be scheduled for early November. 

Two pieces of helpful feedback we will look at moving forward:

  1. Set aside more time at each session for tenants to meet and network between each other
  2. Include a ‘tenant showcase’ where one company shows some of their work and shares what they do

This quarters’ topics / discussion point highlights were:

Pinewood Group Updates:

  • Commercial update on Netflix by James Rider, Commercial Director
    • Announcement of their long-term lease on production facilities at Shepperton Studios, to include offices, stages and workshops.
    • Some tenants have been affected and we are working with them to re-locate on site or at Pinewood. Some have decided to leave.
    • The Group is still fully committed to the Media Hub.
  • Studio Operations update by Tristam Slater, Operations Director:
    • Decoration works to be undertaken over the summer. A dedicated team has been appointed to improve the aesthetics of the site.
    • Re-tendering our catering contract for Pinewood and Shepperton. Reducing the risk on-site by stopping public events. Moving forward, it will be a retail-based catering offer. Aiming to launch 1st October.
  • Health & Safety, Compliance and Sustainability intro from Ismena Deacon, Head of Business Compliance
    • The Business Compliance team covers, Health and Safety, Sustainability and Statutory Compliance. Our priorities are to keep you safe and keep our site safe.
    • Governed by legislation which we want to work with you to achieve. If you need information from us for your insurance requirements etc, let us know.
    • For all aspects of Health and Safety, Compliance and Sustainability we would like to hear your views and feedback.
  • On The Lot (monthly) newsletter will now be the main form of communication to the tenant community.

 Q&A issues discussed

  • Catering and events: catering levels are not up to scratch at Shepperton and concern about no events. Clarified that events will still take place for the industry and community, including Pinewood Cinema.
  • Netflix: hiring of all 14 stages but if there are gaps, they will go on resale. This happens at Pinewood too. We expect a significant part of their production will be large “features”. We expect the production to operate as they have done to date – relatively independent from each other, with Line Producers, UPMs, etc. Discussions around an introduction to Netflix team and tenant showcase, to be organised.
  • Phones: appears to be an ongoing issue with EE which has been raised to Chris Lee, with mobile to landline calls. Requires an upgrade to certain phone sets which have not yet been undertaken by tenant companies.
  • CCTV: issues raised concerning some cameras not working on site. Pinewood Group currently undergoing programme of CCTV works to upgrade 9000 cameras on site.
  • Expansion: with planning permission approved at Shepperton, expect spades in the ground next year, with initial stages opened by 2021.
  • Lease Notice Periods: concerns that 3 months is too short, and question of whether this can be lengthened to 6 months. There are no guarantees but will be discussed internally.

Upcoming On The Lot events in 2019:

  • 14th August: Tenant Meet-Up Session at Pinewood
  • 15th August: Screening of Rocketman (Pinewood)
  • 18th August: Outdoor Pinewood Cinema screening of Mary Poppins Returns
  • 21st August: Bikers’ Breakfast
  • 23rd August: Outdoor community screening at Shepperton of Mary Poppins Returns
  • 30th August: Outdoor community screening at Pinewood of Mary Poppins Returns