On The Lot Meet-Ups

On the Lot Meet-Up Session Review

Thank you to all those who attended the tenant meet-up session on Wednesday 16th October, and for the thoughtful questions.

This quarters’ topics / discussion point highlights were:

Pinewood Group Updates:

  • Welcome to session, continues to be useful platform for two-way communication
  • Commercial update by James Rider:
    • Disney agreement and what it means:
      • Long-term commitment to production space at Pinewood. Excludes the Underwater Stage, TV Studios and Post Production.
      • Expect some resale, and will see through current productions on the lot
      • On-the-ground likely to look and feel the same in terms of crews
    • Tenant community impact
      • All tenants affected have been notified. Have tried to relocate as many as possible.
      • Secures long-term UK industry and security of productions at Pinewood.
      • Tenants will continue to be an important part of Pinewood
    • Feedback: want to focus on listening to your feedback and taking action. Presented feedback from survey taken in July, have made some improvements but want to continue to survey you going forward.
  • Market update by Noel Tovey:
    • Industry is booming, 350 shoots in the UK this year.
    • The film and TV sector helped the economy grow by 3%
    • Reality is that stage space business can influence how people move between territories, so important to see this level of commitment to both Pinewood and Shepperton.
  • Operations update by Tristam Slater:
    • Introduction to new Duty Managers who will support on-site management of catering, cleaning and customer services team from 6am to 8.30pm.
    • Paula Edwards: t 01753 785333 m 07590 877896 paula.edwards@pinewoodgroup.com 
    • James Marshall: t 01753 785771 m 07850 502789 james.marshall@pinewoodgroup.com
    • Catering: have ran a competitive tender and going through thorough due diligence. Have been updates to current contract in the meantime:
      • Hitchcock’s now closed
      • Club Bar open from 09:00 – 17:00 and expanded space into the Ballroom. Opportunity for all on-site to use as a social and meeting space. The bar now offers a full coffee menu and has an updated Gastro Pub Menu for food being trialled. You do not need to have bought drinks or food at the bar to use the ballroom space. It is there for the community.
    • Parking: have been challenges over the Summer when the site has been busy, now calming down, long term this is being supported by an additional 1000 spaces on East.
    • Vehicle and Pedestrian movements: will be undertaking a traffic management survey
    • Events: have stopped selling events externally, still providing event services to the on the lot community, the local community and the wider industry. New contacts are:
      • Nicola Shaw (Pinewood): t 01753 785 962 m 07834 025 086 nicola.s@genuinedining.com
  • Communications and Marketing update by Kathryn Maidment and Fern Colao
    • Join OTL: The Studios Network for free monthly screenings and networking.
      • Next screening: 31st October Halloween screening of Hocus Pocus and OTL shorts
      • Christmas screening: 12th December
    • Remembrance Day Service Friday 8th November, The Crown Film Unit, the Army Film Unit and the R.A.F. Film Unit had use of the studio during the Second World War.
    • The night before (Thursday 7th November), History Talk on Pinewood during the War.
    • Open Doors Careers Fair on Saturday 16th November: over 3,000 registered and involves businesses on-site opening their doors, running programmes of demonstrations
    • Candlelit Carol Service and Drinks 17th December in the Ballroom
    • Exclusive first look of the new street names on Pinewood East, following announcement on James Bond Day of Michael G Wilson Road and Skyfall Avenue.

 Q&A issues discussed

  • 5G Connectivity and lost EE network: it was raised as to whether there were plans for 5G and continued issues with EE network on-site.
    • The rollout of 5G is dependent on network providers. At the moment none of the major service providers are offering 5G around Pinewood and none have published plans to do so. Early rollout plans for 5G are focusing on big cities.
    • EE mobile reception is poor for 4G but good for 3G, there is no indication that this will improve from EE.
  • Security on site: we have reviewed all our security protocols and toilets are now checked every day. Operatives have been trained to recognise lenses and potential hiding places. Security labels on roof panelling to be put in place. Signage on doors to remind people to call Security if they see anything.
  • Welfare facilities: a number of you flagged the uncleanliness of the toilets in the Main Admin building. Currently reviewing and monitoring 4 key blocks to up frequency of cleaning.
  • Visitors process: a number of you raised the issue of an inconsistent process for visitors at Reception. Some security staff have been letting visitors through without an escort.
    • Security policy for visitors is that they are signed in at Reception and their host contacted for them to be collected or for them to be allowed onto the lot unescorted. Should the visitors host be uncontactable, the visitor is to be held at Reception.
    • All security staff are being retrained on the process and it will be actively monitored over the next few months to make sure it is being adhered to. Should you experience a recurrence please email kevin.bowen@pinewoodgroup.com so that it can be properly investigated.
  • You also raised long queues of visitors waiting at Reception and how to transfer pass access to visit Shepperton.
    • Following the upgrade of the access system earlier this year, we are now able to add Shepperton general Access to Pinewood Passes and vice versa. Should you believe you have a legitimate need for access to Shepperton, please email reception.shepperton@pinewoodgroup.com and your request will be reviewed by a member of the Ops management team. If approved, access will be remotely added to your pass and you will be informed as such.
  • Club Bar menu and table reservations: opportunity to expand menu to 2 courses i.e. sweet option, or reserve tables.
    • We are looking at this with GDC and tables can be reserved by contacting the Bar on 01753 656241/01753 656895, or by contacting Nicola Shaw (details above)
  • Production access: issue raised again about access to productions. We reiterated that due to production confidentiality these details cannot be shared. However, we will review how tenant service are communicated to productions.
  • Student tours: a few of you raised the opportunity for educational providers to tour around with students and no longer getting set access.
    o Suggested that these companies come together to jointly coordinate how to approach productions with Kathryn Maidment.
  • Networking and forums: a few asked for more opportunities to network on-site and a potential forum for tenants to share jobs or ask questions.
    • If anyone has ideas for upcoming events, please submit them to the OTL Committee who meet bi-monthly. The committee chairs are: Paul Maloney paulm@reliablycreative.co.uk and Wendy Williams paulm@reliablycreative.co.uk
    • Pinewood will investigate setting up tenant LinkedIn closed group to enable sharing of ideas, questions, collaboration opportunities etc. We will be sharing a link to this in due course

Upcoming On The Lot events in 2019:

  • Halloween Screening: 31st October –Hocus Pocus
  • History talk 7th November
  • Remembrance Day service 8th November
  • Maleficent Screening: 14th November – Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
  • Bikers’ Breakfast: 20th November
  • On the lot meet up Shepperton: 26th November
  • Christmas Screening: 12th December – vote
  • Candlelit carol service