On The Lot Meet-Ups

On the Lot Meet-Up Session Review

Thank you to all those who attended the tenant meet-up session on 24th April, and for a spirited Q&A.

We have listened to your feedback and will be adapting as we go to figure out what works best for everyone. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Your feedback so far has been encouraging so we will continue these quarterly sessions and do more of what you asked for:

  • 81% of you that completed the feedback form found it very or extremely useful, and 87% would attend future quarterly sessions. The next session dates are scheduled for 24th July and 23rd October - we will continue to hold these in the John Barry Theatre.
  • Most of you preferred to space half the time on “updates” and half the time on Q&A – which we will endeavour to do next time.
  • Several of you flagged that it was not always easy to hear so we will use microphones going forward.

This quarters’ topics / discussion point highlights were:

Pinewood Group Updates:

  • On The Lot (monthly) newsletter will now be the main form of communication to the tenant community.
  • Technology and Creative Services update by Andy Tenant
    • From 1 April most calls from your Pinewood desk phone are free. You’ll still be charged for premium rate and international numbers
    • Ines Caria from Sohonet is available to you to talk to you about your Sohonet packages
    • Pinewood Cinema is open most weekends at Pinewood and Shepperton
  • Studio Operations update by Tristam Slater, Operations Director:
    • Pinewood & Shepperton will no longer be open to public events from October.
    • Catering tender taking place, will update with more in September.
    • Welfare facility upgrade program has commenced.
    • At Pinewood, North and South corridor refurbishment will take place late Summer.
    • Pedestrian access to Black Park is being put into place (timing tbc).
    • Site wide forestry works currently being undertaken.
  • Development update by Matthew Wright, Development and Planning Surveyor
    • Pinewood Phase 2, to open in October 2019
    • New footway and cycleway along Pinewood Road currently going on.
    • Shepperton Masterplan final approval due in May 2019, phased development over 10-15 years.
  • Skills & Community update from Kathryn Maidment, Group Community Liaison
    • Careers Event (Shepperton) on 11th July, open to tenants to participate. Expecting 600 guests.
    • Open Doors: Pathways to the Creative Industries on 16th November (Pinewood), open to tenants to participate.  Expecting 1000+ guests.
    • If anyone is interested in opening their doors to any educational visits run by Pinewood, please let Kathryn know. It’s always good for students to see how businesses all interact with each other within in creative sector. 
  • Health & Safety, Compliance and Sustainability intro from Ismena Deacon, Head of Business Compliance
    • The Business Compliance team covers, Health and Safety, Sustainability and Statutory Compliance. Our priorities are to keep you safe and keep our site safe.
    • Governed by legislation which we want to work with you to achieve. If you need information from us for your insurance requirements etc, let us know.
    • For all aspects of Health and Safety, Compliance and Sustainability we would like to hear your views and feedback.

 Q&A issues discussed

  • Couriers: a number of you flagged the annoyance of couriers knocking on random doors when unable to find their address for their delivery.
    • It was suggested that tenants can use the mailroom as a central delivery point for parcels when possible. Open hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
    • For Pinewood, please address parcels: Name, Company, Pinewood Mailroom…
    • For Shepperton, please address parcels: Name, Company, Shepperton Mailroom…
  • Connectivity: it was raised that the bundles offered by Sohonet are currently not right for some of you. Sohonet will be launching new product bundles over the next couple of weeks. More details to follow.
  • Tours: it was asked that it would be nice if staff of companies based on the lot could be given tours of the Studios. We do conduct VIP tours for charities and schools monthly. Pinewood would be very happy to accommodate up to 5 tenants per month on these tours if anyone is interested in a walk around.  This is not a tour of stages, but more about the history of the Studio and how productions on site operate.
  • Productions on the lot: a number of you raised the difficulty in finding out who’s on the lot. It was reiterated that Pinewood are bound by confidentiality. We asked for ideas on how we could share information without breaking agreements. We continue to make productions aware of tenants on-site and refer them to the ‘On the Lot’ section of the Pinewood Group website.
  • Restaurant: it was felt that the restaurant is no longer a ‘buzzing’ environment. We said that the restaurant would be reviewed as part of the catering proposal tender.

Upcoming On The Lot events in 2019:

  • 15th May: Screening of Captain Marvel
  • 13th June: Screening (film tbc)
  • 4th July: Summer Networking event (details to follow)
  • 24th July: Tenant Meet-Up Session
  • 15th August: Screening (film tbc)