On The Lot Meet-Ups

On the Lot Meet-Up Session Review

Thank you to all those who attended the tenant meet-up session at Shepperton Studios on Tuesday 26th November, and for the thoughtful questions.

This quarters’ topics / discussion point highlights were:

Pinewood Group Updates:

  • Welcome to session, continues to be useful platform for two-way communication
  • Commercial update by James Rider:
    • Disney agreement and what it means:
      • Long-term commitment to production space at Pinewood. Excludes Media Hub, Underwater Stage, TV Studios and Post Production
      • Expect some resale, and will see through current productions on the lot
      • On-the-ground likely to look and feel the same in terms of crews
    • Netflix: are now occupying the site at Shepperton with one feature in production, and there is also a Disney production in late stage of shooting at the Studio.
    • Expansion
      • At Pinewood, the site is almost complete, with 4 new stages and workshops. An office building is due for completion at the end of December.
      • At Shepperton, outline planning has been granted, now we are in the process of working out the details of how many stages, workshops and offices. This will be submitted early next year for approval.
  • Media Hub update:
    • Cheryl Wright has been offered a role at Heathrow and so sadly will be moving on from Pinewood after 15 years. A huge thank you to Cheryl for everything she has done, she will be sorely missed! Katy Gamble (Media Hub coordinator), will be your point of contact.
    • LinkedIn Group has been set up for all tenants to join, see latest newsletter for details.
  • Operations update by Tristam Slater:
    • Introduction to Customer Services team who should be your first point of contact if you have any problems, who they are and number to call: 01753 651700, customerservices@pinewoodgroup.com
    • Productions: two productions at Shepperton w/c 25th November had an impact on parking levels, will be back to normal w/c 2nd
    • Catering: have ran a competitive tender and going through thorough due diligence. The Coffee Shop has now closed and moved into the Canteen. We had some initial issues at the beginning of October due to contract and staffing changes. Since mid-October, the service and quality levels have improved, and we have been receiving good feedback.
    • Potholes: significant works have been carried out by our Facility Services team over the last quarter, with further works planned over the Christmas period.
    • Christmas tree: we will be installing a large exterior 16ft tree outside the front of the canteen.
  • Communications and Marketing update by Fern Colao
    • New signage at Shepperton in the New Year will include Netflix branding.
    • Join OTL: The Studios Network for free monthly screenings and upcoming events.
    • Christmas screening: 11th December – It’s a Wonderful Life
    • Candlelit Carol Service and Drinks 17th December in the Ballroom
    • Outdoor Nativity Play for St Mary of Magdalena's Church, 21st December
    • Open Doors Careers Fair on Saturday 16th November: recap
    • 1917 behind-the-scenes featurette on the one-shot movie, showcasing the backlot at Shepperton Studios.
    • Spotlight on… you the tenants - section introduced, as an opportunity for tenants to showcase what they do and learn a bit more about each other. If you’re interested in taking 5 mins to introduced the tenant community to what you do, please email: katy.gamble@pinewoodgroup.com

 Q&A issues discussed

  • Lighting across site: specifically, the backlot area which has now been fixed. Aware of the site wide issue and are working with our Health & Safety team to improve. Please report any issues or near misses, and we can collectively try and improve the site and lighting.
  • Welfare facilities: a number of you flagged the need for additional ladies’ facilities in Building 20 as the staff are predominantly women. Operations will look at the work that needs to be done and provide an update.
  • CCTV: the cameras raised in the last update meeting have now been fixed.
  • Passes for Pinewood / Shepperton: following the upgrade of the access system earlier this year, we are now able to add Shepperton general Access to Pinewood Passes and vice versa. Should you believe you have a legitimate need for access to Shepperton, please email shepperton@pinewoodgroup.com / for Pinewood, please email reception.pinewood@pinewoodgroup.com and your request will be reviewed by a member of the Ops management team. If approved, access will be remotely added to your pass and you will be informed as such.
  • Vehicles on site: issues with transport vehicles on-site, Operations are aware and have spoken to those involved. If issues persist, please inform Customer Services.
  • Parking on the lot: a number of your raised people parking in allocated spaces. Security move them on quickly, but it has been lacks. We are starting to be more rigorous about it and hopefully the situation will improve. Operations will phone you if you’re parking is impacted, as well as email.
  • Canteen and Coffee Shop: a few of you raised the opening hours of the Coffee Shop in the Canteen and wanting an extended service. Operations are looking at extending the hours to 6pm. The new catering contract will look at reworking this space to improve the atmosphere for a social/meeting space, most likely in Q1. 
  • Lifts: have had issues with broken down lifts taking a while to be fixed. The service levels of our lift supplier have not been up to scratch, we are now in the final stages of procuring a new provider who will be in place to manage lift maintenance across both sites early in the new year.