For Indie Film

Supporting Indie Filmmakers

Committed to nurturing fresh, diverse, independent filmmaking talent, Pinewood globally can offer flexible stage, office and workshop facilities to meet any budget. In sharing its expertise, facilities and services, Pinewood can deliver the end-to-end support the independent creative community needs to bring their stories to life.

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Here's this iconic name, that has these magnificent studios all over the world, and they shot an indie… Pinewood is state-of-the-art.
William H. Macy


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Pinewood Digital provides film and digital dailies for features, TV and commercials, supporting productions on the lot and globally with mobile solutions.

Audio Post

Pinewood can provide solutions for all of your audio post production needs, from field recording to sounding editing and design, to mixing and localisation.

Picture Post

From acquisition to conform, DI and delivery we can manage your entire workflow.