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Access to and use of the shuttle bus (“Shuttle” or “vehicle”) is subject to the Pinewood Studios Group (“Pinewood”) and Passenger Plus terms of use (“Terms”) as set out below.

         1. Right of access

Pinewood reserves the right to restrict or suspend access to the Shuttle at any time and at its sole discretion.

         2. Passes

Individual passes for the Shuttle must be kept with you at all times while you are using the Shuttle.  Passes must be shown to the driver for every journey. Passengers will not be permitted to board the Shuttle without showing a valid pass. Lost Passes must be handed into Security at either Pinewood Studios or Shepperton Studios. Lost or replacement cards will incur a charge of £5.

         3. First Come, First Served Basis

The Shuttle is available to all passengers (whether local residents, Pinewood employees or Pinewood clients, tenants or visitors) strictly on a first come, first served basis.

         4. Timetables

The Shuttle is a free shuttle service run by Pinewood and any timetables are estimates only. Pinewood makes no warranties as to the accuracy and/or punctuality of any Shuttle or Shuttle timetable.

         5. Photography, recording and social media

You are strictly prohibited from taking any kind of photograph, image or recording while on the Shuttle or upload any comments to social media identifying the Shuttle or any Pinewood premises or trademark.  Use of mobile telephones to take photographs, images or recording is also prohibited. Failure to comply with the restriction following may result in the following: (a)temporary and/or permanent confiscation of any recording/photographic equipment (including mobile telephones); (b) refusal of entry to, or your removal from Shuttle; and/or (c) legal proceedings against you.

         6. Children

Children under sixteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult in order to use the Shuttle service. The driver may refuse entry to any person under the age of 16 and/or anyone who does not show a valid pass upon request.

         7. Passenger conduct

We ask all passengers to be respectful of other passengers, our staff and facilities, otherwise you may be refused travel or asked to leave the vehicle. The following are strictly prohibited:

  • Smoking at any time, including e-cigarettes;
  • Offensive or disruptive behaviour to other passengers or staff, including verbal or physical abuse; being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or illegal substances; putting your feet on seats; playing personal or other music systems too loudly and/or any other anti-social or disruptive behaviour;
  • Bringing any item of food or drink onto the vehicle;
  • Begging or soliciting of any kind, including charity donations;
  • Causing damage to, misuse of or interference with any equipment and/or fittings on the vehicle; and
  • Any criminal or illegal activity of any kind.

         8. Safety

We want all passengers to be safe during their journey. For this reason, you should observe any instructions given to you by Pinewood or Passenger Plus staff in relation to the operation of the vehicle. In particular, you must not:

Board or alight from the vehicle at any place other than a recognised stopping point or, where there are no fixed stops, at a location other than at the driver’s sole discretion;

  • Speak to, distract or impede the driver in any way whilst the vehicle is in motion except in the event of an emergency;
  • Obstruct any doorways, exits or any other part of the vehicle;
  • Remove or otherwise interfere with any safety equipment on the vehicle, including fire extinguishers or safety belts and
  • Leave any small children or babies unattended whilst on the vehicle.

Please advise the driver as soon as possible if:

  • You feel unwell during your journey or are injured while on the vehicle – the driver will arrange for medical assistance if necessary; or
  • You see any suspicious items or behaviour.

        9. Access to the Studios

In no event does accessing the Shuttle service allow you access to either Pinewood Studios or Shepperton Studios. Film production areas and facilities are closed to members of the public and most Pinewood personnel and anyone accessing these areas without the prior consent of Pinewood shall be ejected from Pinewood’s premises and may have their Shuttle pass revoked.

        10. Disabled Access

Please note that the Shuttle service is a free service and there no disabled access for wheelchairs, mobility scooters or unfolded pushchairs.

        11. Luggage & Lost Property

Small items of luggage and personal belongings can be carried at the driver’s discretion and entirety at the owner’s risk. Pinewood and Passenger Plus shall not be liable for property loss or damage of any kind whatsoever.  You are also responsible for the safe stowage and handling of all items during your journey. Larger or bulky items are not permitted. Pinewood does not operate any left luggage facilities on our premises.

Please hand any item of lost property that you find on the vehicles to the driver. Passenger Plus will hand over lost property to Security at either Pinewood or Shepperton. Pinewood will retain lost property for 28 days except for items that are either perishable or become objectionable and any such items shall be disposed of immediately.

Lost property can be claimed by contacting Pinewood’s Environmental Services Department (see “Contacting Us” below). You will need to give a full description of the item and details of the journey that you lost it on. You can arrange for collection with our Environmental Services Team and items would be made available at Security at either Pinewood or Shepperton Reception as relevant. Please note you will be asked to provide photographic identification in order to collect any lost property.

        12. Restricted Items

The following may not be brought on to the Shuttle in any circumstances:

  • Explosive, hazardous or combustible materials of any kind;
  • Noxious substances or items likely to present a danger to passengers or staff;
  • Knives;
  • Liquids, including hot drinks or paint;
  • Bicycles (including folded bicycles); and
  • Animals other than assistance dogs.

         13. Liability

Neither Pinewood nor its group of companies shall be held liable for any loss of, or damage to, any property of any individual or corporate body accessing the Shuttle service.  Pinewood does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from any act, omission, procedure or state or condition of any physical place or object which fails to comply with Terms unless directly caused by the negligence of Pinewood or its employees. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this paragraph shall exclude or restrict Pinewood’s liability for fraud or death or personal injury resulting from its own negligence (or the negligence of its staff) or any other liability which may not by law be excluded or restricted.

         14. CCTV and Data Protection

CCTV is used on our vehicles and premises to record images and, in some cases, sound for security and crime prevention purposes. This data may be passed to the police and prosecuting authorities to provide evidence in legal proceedings. All CCTV equipment and systems are operated in full accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation and in accordance with the Pinewood Studios Group Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy available at Questions, comments and requests regarding any data we hold or process are welcomed and should be addressed to dataprotection [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com.


Contacting us

Pinewood Group

Pinewood Environment Services Department

Email: environmental [dot] services [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com (subject: Pinewood%20Shuttle%20Bus%20Service)

Tel:   01753 656 171 (Pinewood)

         01932 593 836 (Shepperton)

Passenger Plus

Email: info [at] passengerplus [dot] co [dot] uk   

Tel:   01737 300 205