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Danny Boyle has just finished mixing his latest production, Sunshine, at Pinewood Studios. Sunshine is not the first Danny Boyle production to be mixed at the studios with The Beach, Trainspotting, Millions and Shallow Grave all mixed by Pinewood's talented team of mixers. The film was mixed in Theatre 1 and Theatre 2 by Richard Pryke and Andy Caller. The mix took eight weeks and was sound designed by Glenn Fremantle of Sound24. In 50 years from now the Sun is dying. It is no longer providing the energy and the light that mankind needs to survive on Earth. The entire global community pools its resources to send a mission into space to deliver a bomb to reignite the part of the Sun that is failing. The team behind Sunshine includes screenwriter Alex Garland, producer Andrew Macdonald and director Danny Boyle had previously teamed up for the 2003 smash hit 28 Days Later.

Director(s): Danny Boyle

Producer(s): Bernard Bellew, Andrew Macdonald

Cast members: Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Michelle Yeoh, Mark Strong, Cliff Curtis, Troy Garity


Studios used: Pinewood Studios

Post production facility: Powell Theatre (PW)Pressburger Theatre (PW)

Supplementary information

IMDB Link:

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Production company: Fox Searchlight, DNA Films