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My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Much of Trademark Films and The Weinstein Company's My Week with Marilyn was shot at Pinewood Studios, the same studio used by The Prince and The Showgirl, as well as on location at Hatfield House, Windsor Castle, Eton College and on the banks of the Thames. Various stages at Pinewood were used including B, F, H, and the Small Process Stage as well as Production Accommodation

Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe and the cast also features Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Dominic Cooper, Emma Watson, Julia Ormond, Dougray Scott, and Toby Jones.

The film follows a young film assistant, Colin Clark, on 1956’s The Prince And The Showgirl who befriends Monroe and shows her his side of England. Redmayne plays Clark and Branagh plays Monroe’s co-star in The Prince And The Showgirl, Laurence Olivier.

Simon Curtis (Cranford, Five Days) directs and David Parfitt produces. The film, based on Colin Clark’s diaries, has been adapted by Adrian Hodges.

In addition to The Weinstein Company’s financing, BBC Films and Lipsync Productions also financed the film. The UK Film Council and BBC Films were on board at the development stage.

Director(s): Simon Curtis

Producer(s): David Parfitt

Cast members: Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Dougray Scott, Judi Dench, Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne, Julia Ormond, Dominic Cooper


Studios used: Pinewood StudiosShepperton Studios

Filming facility: South Corridor

Post production facility: John Barry Theatre (PW)Pressburger Theatre (PW)Theatre 1 (SH)Theatre 2 (SH)Theatre 5 (PW)

Post production service: Foley & ADRMixing and mastering

Post production people: Glen Gathard

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Distributor: The Weinstein Company

Production company: The Weinstein Company, BBC Films, Lipsync Productions, Trademark Films