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TV in the UK

  • HD Galleries

    HD & 5.1

  • Monopoles

    Improved Studio Lighting Infrastructure

  • 30,000 sq ft stages

    Purpose built for TV

  • TV to Post

    TV to Post: Seamless solutions

We are proud to have hosted some of the most successful TV productions ever made and to ensure we can continue to support you in making those shows we have listened to your needs and responded.

Our TV studios have spacious full HD, 5.1 galleries - a state of the art studio lighting infrastructure and production accommodation.

To create workflow efficiencies our Digital Content Services team has created a secure digital solution to ingest, digest, transfer, edit, store and deliver all of your content in any format or language and connect with the world securely and at speed.

In terms of floor space, Pinewood now offers productions two 9,000 sq ft HD studios, a 2,500 sq ft HD studio with associated galleries and production accommodation, two 30,000 sq ft stages with a 50ft grid height designed specifically to meet the needs of TV. Plus a further 35 stages of up to 59,000 sq ft across its sites, capable of accommodating 2000+ audiences, comprehensive and complex sets, plus diverse HD lines to BT Tower for live broadcasts.

All of this means that Pinewood can offer unique, bespoke solutions to meet any creative or technical requirement.

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