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Screening Services - 2D/3D Digital Projection & Film

Picture Post processes most often happen in relatively small suites using screens at close proximity to the creative and technical operators.

Therefore, when dailies, online editorial work, CGI/VFX shots, graded output and final program is reviewed, most filmmakers wish to sign off their work in a space that mirrors the theatres in which an audience will see it.

Mindful that this is of particular significance to the sign-off of 3D content our two screening facilities – including the benchmark 100 seat John Barry Theatre at Pinewood – are able to cater for all 3D replay formats.

In addition 2D digital replay for all linear and non-linear formats is provided. Our Media Transfer Centre provides DCP building services to support.

Naturally we continue to offer film projection in all formats using fastidiously maintained machinery and expert support.

Whether we’re providing you a fully integrated workflow from stage through editorial to grade and distribution or serving separate aspects of your production, let us work with you to find the right solution to best serve your creative and technical requirements.

Preview theatres include:
Pinewood John Barry Theatre
Pinewood Preview Theathre
Shepperton Preview Theatre
Shepperton Korda Theatre

3D Stereoscopic Post Production

We understand the challenges and pitfalls of 3D stereoscopic post-production. From the benefits of working either parallel or converged, to syncing and multiplexing left and right eyes, through to convergence pulling, editing and grading.

We have screening facilities that allow you to view your 3D material in a cinema environment at all stages of the process from rushes and dailies review, through to editing and sound mixing and after full DCP creation.

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296