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Picture Editorial

Offline editing, conform and online editing for film and television.

Offline Editing

A data and time efficient method of compiling picture content by editing at a reduced resolution. Choices made during this process are logged in an Edit Decision List (EDL) before handover to Conform and Online editorial.

Whilst we routinely support Avid, Final Cut, 2D and 3D workflows we are also able to accommodate those requiring less commonplace editorial systems.

In all cases your central storage system can be securely housed within our FACT accredited Media Transfer Centre or Data Centre to deliver full peace of mind.


Once picture is locked, we can return to your the high-resolution images and conform them to match the offline perfectly, recreating your cuts, dissolves and speed changes but all at original resolution.

Online Editing

Once conformed, additional and more specialist effects can be added, CGI and VFX can be dropped in and full preparation for grading or post grading finishing can be completed. Titles sequences, idents, logos and end rollers can be added ready for final audio layback.

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296