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International versioning

Our full service offering to the Film, TV and Games industries takes a script at input, and outputs versioned masters in all formats to suit onward distribution – from theatrical to home consumer.

Over the past 12 years we have earned the trust of the worlds major leading content owners. Our dedicated team and facilities have regularly serviced over 50% of the world's top grossing International film and video game releases - in up to 43 languages.

When a title is released worldwide it is often the case that the majority of its earnings are made through International sales. Market potential dictates whether that title is dubbed into a new language or sub-titled instead.

In order to maximise worldwide sales campaigns and maintain security, content is often released ‘day-and-date’ – simultaneously across the globe.

Scalable services and capacity, streamlined secure workflows and native language skills are all required to deliver high quality and timely output in such scenarios.

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296