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Dolby® Atmos™

Pinewood Studios is constantly looking to stay ahead of the game and invest in its facilities for you and Pinewood Post Production is no exception. Pinewood’s Powell Theatre and Shepperton’s Korda Theatre are the very first in the UK to be fitted with Dolby’s revolutionary new audio technology - Dolby® Atmos™

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296

Dolby Atmos

This amazing new system is one of the most significant developments in the history of cinema sound and gives content creators unprecedented control of the placement and movement of sound for film. It also gives audiences the most immersive and exciting experience possible.

Dolby® Atmos™ Technical information:

  • Allows filmmakers to place and move sounds anywhere within the listening environment
  • Dolby® Atmos™ is capable of automatically creating both 7.1 and 5.1 Mixes
  • Complements existing workflows
  • Supports up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio streams
  • Allows for up to 64 discrete speaker feeds
  • Full frequency range surrounds and overheads adds exceptional clarity and detail to the listening experience
  • Additional subwoofer support to surround speakers for extended low frequency performance

Dolby® Atmos™ White Papers:

Dolby Atmos Next-Generation Audio for Cinema

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