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Digital Dailies & Digital Lab Scan & Telecine

We offer a complete digital dailies solution across our Studio lots that integrates rushes storage, backup and archive in our data centre and vaults through trans-coding for delivery to secure remote viewing systems or local screening and thereafter final delivery to non-linear editorial.

We routinely cater for digitally acquired media in RAW or uncompressed formats for 2D or 3D output. For those productions choosing to shoot on film we offer state of the art scanning and telecine services – allowing ingest at up to 8k resolution.

Our Digital Lab can handle bespoke digital film and television workflows for productions of all budgets, from shooting through post production, VFX and mastering.

  • Workflows cater for all digital camera formats.
  • Pinewood DIT rigs allow instant on set and location look generation and colour manipulation.
  • Dailies grading 2D/3D screening rooms on the lot, up to 115 seats.
  • Studio based digital lab provides digital archive and management of footage and camera metadata, whilst supporting fully QC'd and transcoded editorial and review system dailies.
  • Distribution of media for VFX pulls, DI and conform.
  • 24hr turnaround on dailies.
  • Scalable storage solutions, from Data Centre located servers with managed tape backups, to data cards and transfer drives.
  • Secure fibre networking on site and between studios allows fast connectivity from filming to lab to editorial and outside facilities.
  • Editorial system hire and support provided on the lot and on location.
  • Seamless integration with Pinewood's DI services, audio post production and digital cinema mastering.

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296