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Archive Transfer and Migration

Physical Asset Transfer and Electronic Asset Migration services, plus re-purposing content for distribution:

Physical Asset Transfer

Content owners face ongoing challenges in order to commercialise their archived assets. Whilst carefully controlled storage conditions can help to stabilise historic media, physical assets in particular do deteriorate over time.

Many of our clients ask us to regularly assess their archived media in order to recommend the best strategy to preserve it – and consequently to enable it to be appreciated by a new audience.

Our dedicated team of engineers have a proven track record in assessing, mending, cleaning and digitising all formats of linear film, analogue and digital media and archive stills.

This process is carried out in carefully controlled conditions using fastidiously maintained legacy replay machines married to the highest quality digital recording systems that current technology can provide.

This last point is of particular concern to our Archive clients who may only have one opportunity to digitise content that has deteriorated over time. Mindful of this and of the inevitable future demands for enhanced quality consumer media we have chosen to install a Northlight 2 scanner at our Pinewood facility – capable of ingesting up to 8k resolution.

Once digitised, many clients opt to commission further Picture Restoration and/or Sound Restoration services from us to prepare the title for onward sale.

Electronic asset migration

Whilst digitised assets are more easily distributed and consumed, one must also take account of the effect that changing technology has on their continued commercial exploitation.

New file formats, electronic storage media and developing consumer trends should all be considered when providing a long-term digital storage solution.

In order to meet this challenge many content owners elect to migrate their digital assets on a regular basis.

Let us work with you to design a high quality and cost-effective Asset Management program that best suits your commercial needs.

Re-Purpose Content for Distribution

There are myriad ways in which electronic content can be consumed – from Digital Cinema through broadcast, DVD, Blu-ray and Video On Demand.

All require that media be delivered to exacting standards - in varied formats, file-types and compression rates to suit – and to deadline.

From ingest to QA, trans-code to QC, secure storage and electronic delivery we offer both standard and bespoke workflows that combine the right people and the right technology to best deliver your requirements.

For more information contact:
E: post [at] pinewoodgroup [dot] com
T: 01753 656296