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  • Recording and Editorial

    Foley, Sound Design and Editorial

  • Casting

    Voice Casting Database of 4000+

  • Audio

    Mixing in all formats

  • Award Winning

    Alien: Isolation wins BAFTA Game award for Audio Achievement


Total War: Warhammer is a strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega....


Star Citizen - Foundry 24 from production company Foundry 42 and Cloud Imperium Games had foley,...


For SCEE, The Tomorrow Children, voice casting and dialogue work was completed at Shepperton Studios in...

World renowned as a market leader for the provision of facilities and services to the Film and TV industries, Pinewood Studios brings its award winning post production facilities and expertise to the Games industry. Games audio services include internationally recognised foley recording and editing; custom sound design; localisation in over 40 languages; a casting database of 4000+; Oscar winning mixers; sound editorial and project management.

In addition, Pinewood offers access to 3D photogrammetry scanning for asset creation and on-site motion capture with preferred partner Centroid.