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Media Transfer Centre

The Media Transfer Centre (MTC) supplies a comprehensive range of all tape formats, storage disks, DVDs, CDs, batteries and hard drives. Pinewood’s MTC is an approved Sony reseller offering a premium service to productions both on and off-site, with competitive pricing to suit all. From Hard drive and Tape backups, to tapeless workflow media management. Our extensive expertise and proven infrastructure allow us to process all mediums from RED to EVS, HD Cam SR to DA88, and Pro Tools to 35mm or to any required digital media format.

The MTC is the hub of the Pinewood Post Production area, not only providing Video and Audio IO but also servicing full Digital Restoration services - both  Picture and Audio - for Film and Video Archives.

The restoration department has completed many high end restorations on such titles as:

Sam Peckinpah's 1978 classic Convoy
Scum starring Ray Winstone
Bill Forsyth's delightful Greogory's Girl
Samuel Broston's 55 Days at Peking
The Rolling Stones Charlie is my Darling
Gold starring Rodger Moore
The Scarlet Spear