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Korda Theatre (SH)

Screen width: 34ft x 14ft
Seats: 44
Producers room: Yes
Desk: Euphonix System 5F (332 Channels)
Monitoring: Dolby Atmos and all sound delivery formats
Projection: High speed 35mm (Dolby SR/SRD)
Playback / record: ProTools HDX

Set apart in its own building the Korda Theatre has the advantage of a light spacious foyer where clients can relax and entertain. Moving up the stairs into the mixing auditorium the first impression is one of size, with the very comfortable lounge area behind the mixing desk and thirty six seats in front gives a very flexible working environment as well as the opportunity for screening the mix.


Length: 59 ft (17.98 m)

Width: 35 ft (10.67 m)

Height: 31 ft (9.45 m)