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John Barry Theatre (PW)

Screen width: 31ft x14ft
Seats: 115
Client Area: Yes
Desk: 32 Fader ICON
Monitoring: 7:1, JBL 4675 Front, 4645 Sub, 8340 Surround
  1. 2 x 35m / 70 fitted with Dolby SRD, Sony SDDS & DTS Readers
  2. Kiniton High Speed 35mm running both 3 & 4  perf pull down
  3. Christie CP2230 Digital Video
Playback: 35mm Mag all formats, Akai DD8 locked to 35mm Projectors, Protools locked to 35mm  or Video on request.
Video Playback: Beta, Digi Beta, HD Cam, HD Cam SR on request with Digital Sound output via Dolby DMA8. 
  • DVD both standard & Blu Ray
  • Power Point presentation from Theatre
  • This room also has HD Video, Data & Fibre links to MTC & Cutting Rooms
The largest preview theatre in the UK capable of running all formats of film and video. The theatre has a seating capacity of one hundred and fifteen and the attached hospitality area for pre or post screening discussions makes it a perfect venue for previews.
  • Continuous film screening - 70mm / 35mm Combined Prints.
  • Separate Sound formats, Digital or Analogue, by arrangement.
  • High-speed 35mm reversible step frame Projector with remote control.
  • Hi Def Video Projection
  • DLP 2K Projector.
  • HD Cam, Beta SP, Digibeta, Beta SX, MPEG IMX, DVD, VHS/SVHS.
  • HD–D5, HD Cam SR, DVCPRO-HD and separate sound by arrangement.

Previously known as Theatre 7, it was renamed the JOHN BARRY THEATRE in memory of the legendary Bond composer. The new name was unveiled in a ceremony held on Friday 20th June 2014 attended by members of the Bond franchise. John Barry scored 11 Bond films, including From Russia with Love, Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice. Other films associated with Pinewood and Shepperton Studios include: Chaplin, Engima, The Ipcress File and Out of Africa.


The theatre is used as an exclusive public cinema on the weekends - Pinewood Cinema.

Visit for more details or to book tickets online.


Length: 70 ft (21.34 m)

Width: 43 ft (13.11 m)

Height: 17 ft (5.18 m)

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