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Water Filming

  • Pinewood offers a range of interior, exterior and underwater tanks that enable any shot to be achieved efficiently and in complete safety.
  • The exterior tank with green screen backing measuring 240 x 60 ft (73 x 18 m), makes it the largest in Europe. 
  • A globally unique underwater filming stage also offers a controlled environment with ultraviolet filtration system.

For images of previous underwater filming at Pinewood click here.


Underwater Stage1,200,000 litres

Tank Dimensions 66ft x 33ft x 20ft deep (20m x 10m x 6m deep)

Tank Capacity 1,200,000 Litres

Europe's first studio-based, globally unique, permanently filled, underwater filming stage. It is available for all types of surface and underwater filming.

The water temperature is maintained at a comfortable working temperature of 30 degrees C (87 degrees F) which means that there is no need to spend time heating it.

360° ViewVideoPDF PlanCAD PlanSpecs
Exterior Tank806,000 Gallons

Tank Dimensions 228 ft (67.14 m) narrowing to 106 ft (31.45 m) wide, 213 ft (63 m) long, 4 ft (1 m) deep

Tank Capacity 806,000 gallons

Inner Tank 51 ft x 40 ft x 7ft (15 m x 12 m x 2 m) 

Backing Screen Dimensions: the Exterior Tank at Pinewood Studios, known as the Paddock Tank, has a huge blue/green screen backing measuring 240ft (73.2m) x 60ft (18.3m).

360° ViewVideoPDF PlanCAD PlanSpecs