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Black Park

Adjacent to Pinewood Studios are the vast heath and woodland areas of Black Park. This 500 acre site owned by Buckinghamshire County Council offers a wonderful back drop to any production requiring an exterior country setting and has been used recently by Casino Royale and Stardust.

The filming team at Black Park are very film friendly, and are not fazed by anything. They have been host to some of the Harry Potter films, Cody Banks, Thunderbirds, Tomb Raider 2, Alexander and Phantom of the Opera to name but a few. As a location it is well served by tracks from the unit base to location and has doubled for: 19th Century France, 19th Century upstate New York, the Balkans, an American summer camp, Wales, and many other locations too numerous to mention. In fact, as a location, Black Park brings a whole new meaning to the word versatile. If by some chance Black Park doesn’t have what you are looking for, there is also Langley Park which is virtually across the road and managed by the same fantastic team. A gate from Pinewood Studios can take you directly into the heart of Black Park so access is simple.