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Sustainable Travel

Pinewood aims to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport to and from the Studios for visitors, staff and clients and reduce the number of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOV).

Pinewood encourages all members of staff, visitors or production employees to make use of the shuttle bus service to and from local train and underground stations. The service is completely free to use and at peak times, provides a service every 10 minutes to and from Uxbridge.

This not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions, it also helps to ease congestion in the local area and to improve the local air quality by replacing cars.

A new service to Gerrards Cross is currently being trialed.


Two Toyota Hybrid cars are provided as ‘pool cars’ for staff to travel to other sites or external meetings. These have again helped to reduce CO2 emissions and improved the local air quality.

A central booking system also ensures staff are able to share journeys and maximize the benefits.

We provide incentives to cyclists who visit the Studios including a monthly biker’s breakfast (if you arrive on two wheels you get a free breakfast). We also carry out an annual Dr Bike session where cyclists are able to get a free bike maintenance session while they work!

Other incentives and promotions are detailed in our approved Travel Plan.

For full Terms and Conditions of the Shuttle Bus Service, click here.