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How We Buy

We are an organisation that believes in fair, open practices that support working with SMEs, as well as large national providers. To underpin this, we adopt a number of different routes to sourcing, which include direct sourcing with a single supplier (where specialist), quotes and formal bids to tender.

We require our suppliers to implement policies and standards consistent with and complementary to those of the Pinewood Studios Group and as such we require our suppliers to be aware of our standards and the conduct required of the suppliers’ representatives.

Unless a separate overriding contract has been entered into with the Pinewood Studios Group, all goods and services supplied to us are required to be supplied in accordance with its standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

We aim to be a sustainable purchaser. We follow long-term plans, involve our suppliers early in the planning stages, and build close mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

Pinewood Studios Group recognises that our supply chain can make a significant contribution to our sustainability and that our supply relationships can add to or detract from our reputation. Therefore, when engaging with suppliers, we take their focus on sustainability and environmental awareness into consideration.

If you are interested in working with Pinewood Studios Group, please direct yourself to the Contact us section on the Procurement page where further information will be provided.