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Procurement at Pinewood Group is responsible for establishing and managing supplier relationships for goods and services. The department is responsible for setting and delivering the Pinewood Studios Group sourcing strategies. The team works across the business to establish best practice in sourcing sustainable goods and services, to deliver the highest level of value and service, which supports the Group’s ability to be one of the leading providers of studio and related services to the worldwide film and television industries.

Value is created through “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally” by working with niche and local suppliers, through to organisations that have the geographical/economical positioning to support Pinewood’s operations. This is achieved through managing our key business partners and suppliers fairly and working with them to drive innovation, continuous improvement and efficiencies in service delivery to reduce costs.

When selecting suppliers we strive to be transparent throughout the entire process and demonstrate value for money. Pinewood Group is an ethical organisation and as such wants our suppliers to reflect our values and support us in achieving our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.