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Filming in Ontario

Ontario is perfectly suited to accommodate film and television productions of any scale and at any phase of production. Ontario, with Toronto as its hub, has the third largest entertainment sector in North America, after California and New York.


  • Purpose built production facilities
  • A wide creative talent pool and skilled technicians
  • Extensive and diverse filming locations
  • One of the most popular cities in the world for scripted drama
  • Ethnic, architectural and cultural diversity
  • Only one hour by air to New York
  • 8 flights a day between Los Angeles and Toronto

Productions based out of Toronto can take advantage of generous tax incentives at provincial and federal level.

  • Tax credits are available for qualifying labour and production expenses incurred in Ontario:
  • 21.5% refundable tax credit on percentage spend
  • 35% of eligible Ontario labour expenditures
Incentives Toronto offers generous and bankable tax incentives – from two levels of government
Locations Ontario offers a variety of stunning filming locations, with Toronto at its hub, home to Pinewood Toronto Studios