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Production Accommodation

A variety of spacious, modern production workshops, offices and luxurious VIP dressing rooms, green rooms and facilities, all situated close to production areas.

Dressing Rooms Spacious and modern dressing rooms ranging from VIP to standard
Green Rooms Modern, luxurious VIP green rooms
Make-Up and Hair Stylish and modern facilities with ample lighting and the flexibility to cater for all makeup needs including prosthetics and full body casts.
Meeting Rooms Our conference and function rooms are ideal for all your production briefings, events, meetings or read-throughs. Each room is supplied with comfortable seating and telephone conferencing facilities and video conferencing in some. Your catering needs can also be accommodated in all of these areas.
Offices Modern, ergonomically designed, production and editorial offices with phone, fax and Internet. Offices range in size and are completely multifunctional.