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Horizon Water Tank

Tank Dimensions: 60,546 sq ft

Tank size: 246 ft x 246 ft (75m x 75m)  x 4.7 ft (1.4m) deep
Inner Tank: 65 ft x 65 ft (20m x 20m) x 16 ft (5m) deep

Most advanced water tank in the world

8 acre water effects facility including:

  • Horizon Water Tank with natural ocean horizons, blue screen capabilities
  • Inner Deep water Tank for underwater filming with ramp access and viewing window, can also be utilised as a stand alone FX tank for smaller shoots
  • Fully equipped diving and marine department
  • Complete with Tip Tanks, Wave Machines, Water Tank Tractor, Camera Rostrums, SFX Rostrums, metallic walkways and movable stairs

The tank can be used for model units or live action sequences. The inner tank will allow for the depth needed for stunts or complex set construction within the tank. See what's possible by looking through the water filming gallery.

To view the tank in action, see image gallery of demo shoot.

Designed by Diving Services UK, who manage and run the globally unique Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

Tank Specifications

Length: 246 ft (74.98 m)

Width: 246 ft (74.98 m)

Depth: 5 ft (1.43 m)

Other: 60546 sq ft

Extra information
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