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South East Backlot

The 9 acre backlots have a shale / gravel base that can be used for all types of outdoor filming. The space has an unobstructed view of Toronto's city skyline.

South East Backlot

Length: 345 ft
Width: 145 ft
Total sq ft: 50,025 sq ft

With gate entrance

Alternatively or with South West Backlot (350,300 sq ft) and the South Central Backlot (30,000 sq ft)

For more information please contact our sales team.
All dimensions should be checked on site prior to any commencement of works


Facility type: Backlot

Length: 345 ft (105.16 m)

Width: 145 ft (44.20 m)

Other: Total sq ft: 50,025 sq ft