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Pinewood Toronto Emerging Filmmakers Initiative

The Pinewood Toronto Emerging Filmmakers Initiative was established to help strengthen Ontario’s film industry by leveraging existing programmes in order to support the next generation of filmmakers (producer(s) or director).

In collaboration with the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), the initiative provides filmmakers, whose projects have been supported by OMDC’s Film Fund, with the opportunity to film on one of Pinewood Toronto Studios purpose-built sound stages and to take production offices at this busy, international film and television studio.

The initiative is open to small feature films (approximately under $3 - 5millionCAD), which have a small stage requirement.

Eligible Projects

Only projects with access to the OMDC’s Film Fund (Production) will be considered. Specifically:

  • Projects with budgets under $5millionCAD,
  • Projects filming in Ontario (no inter-provincial productions or co-productions),
  • Projects with small stage requirements.

Eligible Applicants

Only successful applicants to the OMDC’s Film Fund (Production) will be considered

  • Producer or director must be a resident of Ontario,
  • Producer or director must have at least 3 credits but less than 6,
  • Producer or director should be working to make a name for herself/himself and gaining notoriety in the film industry as up-and-coming talent in Ontario


Successful applicants will:

  • Be provided with a temporary production office for a maximum of 12 weeks (exclusive of printing, coffee machines and other additional services carrying additional cost.), 
  • Have access to an available stage for filming up to a maximum of 2 weeks (including pre-rig, pre-light, principle photography and wrap),
  • Have access to board rooms, the Pinewood Café, screening room and any other public areas,
  • Have use of Pinewood Toronto’s mail service,
  • Be invited to attend Pinewood Toronto’s networking events.

If carpentry and wardrobe space are available, production will be allowed access for a limited time. All of the above facilities and service provision will be based on availability – no guarantee of any specific stage or office space can be given prior to occupancy (or words to that effect). All arrangements will be discussed with successful applicants but the final decision will always rest with Pinewood Toronto Studios management/operations team.

Application/Consideration Process

All successful applicants to the OMDC’s Film Fund (Production) will automatically qualify for this initiative. There is no paper work, and no need to re-apply. For information on the OMDC’s Film Fund and its guidelines please click here

Pinewood Toronto Studios will assemble a committee of industry professionals and Pinewood Toronto staff to select successful application.

Applicants will be interviewed in order to assist in the consideration of the project.

The selected projects will receive a Letter of Interest from Pinewood Toronto Studios.


Pinewood Toronto Studios will work in conjunction with the OMDC’s Film Fund (Production) deadlines and will limit the offer to two (2) projects bi-annually (pending availability at Pinewood Toronto Studios).

Selected Projects

Projects selected for the initiative will require the appropriate insurance.

Parking will be allocated and Pinewood Toronto Studios security protocol must be followed by production at all times, including providing a full list of anyone who will be coming onto the studio lot. A contract outlining all details will be required between production and Pinewood Toronto Studios.

All special conditions will be outlined in the contract.