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Water & Underwater Filming

Pinewood has limitless options for filming in or around water, the studios boast:

  • The only permanently filled underwater stage in the world
  • One of the largest exterior tanks in Europe
  • Interior tanks on eleven sound stages in the UK
  • 60,500 sq ft exterior water tank in the Dominican Republic, the only type and size of its kind in the region
  • Green screen tank and deep water tank in Malaysia
  • Malaysia's 5 stages all have interior water tanks, Stage 5 holds Southeast Asia's largest.

Pinewood works closely with Diving Services UK, based on site, who speciailse in diving co-ordination and have been involved in over 1000 film, TV and commercial productions worldwide.


Shot at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios in the Horizon Water Tank and on the South Lot...


The Mummy shot at Shepperton Studios and used the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios. Pinewood...


From Director, Tim Burton the film shot at Pinewood Studios on the Underwater Stage and Paddock Tank....