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Pinewood gives you a really, very complete service in relation to the support of any big, imaginative movie experience.

Sir Kenneth Branagh

The best part about working here is the quality of the crafts people and the crew, you know it’s really superb.

Greg Goodman

You come to Pinewood, you make a movie with the best crews in the world, in the best environment, with the best flexibility, with a sense of history and that’s a winning combination I think.

Paul Greengrass

It’s a film friendly base where the A-List stars want to come and work.

Nik Korda

Any director would be happy to shoot at Pinewood I think, I mean first of all it’s a wonderful name with great associations of course but also it’s a real studio… it’s a community of filmmakers working together, it’s exciting.

David Cronenberg

We have all been very impressed both by the excellent interconnected facilities and your very talented and diligent Sound Mixers and Sound Editors. One of if not the best post facility in Europe.

Paul Sarony
Pinewood Cinema Pinewood Cinema features weekend only screenings, family friendly screenings in the morning as well as independent and blockbuster releases, in luxury surroundings,
TV Studios Whether you require a TV Studio for a pilot or a series; a stage to host a large light entertainment show; audience sourcing and management; or VIP hospitality facilities, our TV team are here to help.
Post Production If you’re producing Film, TV, Games or New Media content we can manage your assets from their inception all the way through to distribution, in any format and in more than 40 different languages.
Water Filming Home to the globally unique underwater filming stage, an 800,000 gallon exterior tank and an 8 acre water effects facility in the Dominican Republic.
Locations Location filming opportunities in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Malaysia and Georgia, USA. From the English countryside to tropical beaches and rainforests.
Backlots Over 100 acres of backlots worldwide, providing endless opportunities for any type of exterior set build.
Accommodation Offices, dressing rooms, workshops, carpenters and plasterers shops are available, whether you are based at the studios or on location.
Digital Pinewood Digital provides digital and film dailies; Conform, VFX Pulls & Delivery; DI, Online & Grade; and Screening Services